New Additions: Doggo Boarding, Luxe Shoes, and a Smoke Shop

Happy New Year! Here's to a healthy, fun, and productive 2018.

About this blog: By keeping up with and documenting changes along the X2 bus line --the good, the bad, and the... questionable-- it helps me figure out where the city and our neighborhood are heading. It's more than a hobby and I'm the kind of person that loves to observe change over time, especially in the built environment. 

With all the bleak and disheartening news emanating from a certain NW address, it helps to focus on the local things, even stuff like restaurant openings & closings, long term transit/infrastructure projects, and far-from-reality proposals for apartment buildings with ground floor retail. All that goes to say that not every post is groundbreaking news, but it is our news. I'll keep trying to make the posts interesting and relevant. As always, for more timely news, more photos, and #hottakes, Twitter is the place I share most often.

Here are some openings and coming-soons that happened over the holidays:

few weeks ago, we learned that Atlanta's A Ma ManiĆ©re is coming to H Street. This is one of several high end sneaker and fashion boutiques operated by James Whitner. The new shop will be at 1214 H Street NE. Learn more.

In the Dog House
Atlas Dog House opened in December at 1371 H Street NE. This is a dog walking and dog boarding business, so I'm sure they will do massive business because everyone I know in the neighborhood has a pupper or two. Or three.

sNOw Smoking Allowed
When I saw the coming soon signage for New Leaf Smoke Shop, I immediately thought it was a weed dispensary or something of the sort. But, the "smoke" in the name is referencing cigars, not blunts. I mean, I don't know exactly this place will be about, but here's the Instagram page. Maybe sales in one space and smoking lounge in the other; similar to Nomad. New Leaf will be located at 416 H Street NE.

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