Luxe Atlanta Fashion Retailer Coming to DC

High end sneaker and streetwear retailer A Ma Maniére looks to open on H Street NE. Signage was just installed above the entrance to 1214 H Street NE.

A Ma Maniére is one of a bevy of high end fashion retailers from James Whitner. I love his story of opening specialty stores in mid-sized cities like Orlando, Charleston, and Tallahassee as opposed to going straight to New York and LA, whose markets are already full of high end stores. Here is a cool write up on the whole story in Complex. A Ma Maniére is definitely top of the line carrying the like of Off-White, Alexander Wang, and Maison Margiela.

1214 H has been in a long state of reconstruction after being purchased for nearly $1,000,000 in June 2015. This property had been a vacant property for some time even beofre that. It's listed as having nearly 2,000 square feet of rentable space, but it's not clear if the store will encompass one or two floors. Probably both. The store is clearly not close to opening just yet, but with C.A.T.Walk Boutique, Chic Shack, and other quality clothing stores already on H Street, or nearby, I love the trend. Good stuff.

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