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Checks, Cached


New Museum for Judiciary Square

A new museum is coming to downtown DC, and it's going underground. The National Law Enforcement Officers Museum will be located adjacent to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Judiciary Square (400 block of E St NW). The Memorial opened in 1991 atop a park that also serves as the northern entrance of the Judiciary Sq Metro station. The creation of the Museum portion was authorized by Congress and President Clinton in 2000.
The new museum will be located across the street from the memorial, directly in front of the DC Court of Appeals building; the side with the snazzy glass-enclosed security checkpoint. Planned glass entrance pavilions on each side of the museum appear to compliment the DC Court of Appeals building, but also seem to be set off to the east and west sides, as to not block the view from E St NW.
Organizers secured financing this January and construction has begun. The initial excavation will last into October/November followed shortly thereafter by the…

Studying Streetcar's Eastward Expansion

The DC Department of Transportation will hold a meeting to discuss the Environmental Assessment for the streetcar's eastward expansion. The meeting is on Thursday May 19. Details from DDOT are listed below.
One of the reasons the development for streetcar is so important is that people should have some level of confidence that, when necessary, they can rely on a transit alternative to Metrorail or Metrobus. This is especially pressing since there are now planned delays and closures due to the SafeTrack initiative. Driving is one alternative, but so are walking, biking, car share, taxis/ride share, and now, streetcar. So, if your normal mode can't work today, well, there's always a backup, and a backup to that backup. Some redundancy in transit is OK (some).
The basic plan is to extend the streetcar line from its current eastern terminus Oklahoma Avenue NE down to the Minnesota Ave Metro station, the Benning Road Metro station, or both. With this mild expansion, the street…