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Zips Dry Cleaners Coming to Hechinger Mall

The Zips Dry Cleaners chain is coming to Hechinger Mall. Interior demo work has begun in the space that is near Safeway. This space was previously Ashley Stewart clothing store. Zips has been in operation since 1996 and has about 40 stores in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Many of the stores are franchised. Just peeking inside, I can see that the process of build-out is in the very early stages, so they won't open anytime soon. I'd look for it later this year. Zips will be located at 1571 Maryland Ave NE.

BAB Korean is Vegan Friendly

On a recent trip to BAB Korean Fusion, I was pleasantly surprised that the staff and menu were quite vegan friendly. At many a DC restaurant, I make educated guesses about menu items, especially when the staff is not helpful or the menu doesn't specifically mark vegetarian items. A lot of the times that means I don't order anything for settle for basic, obviously vegetarian items. But, BAB staff was awesomely knowledgeable and fortunately they have plenty of options.
I'm not a Korean food master by any stretch, but a dozen years of eating at Adam Express in Mount Pleasant made me love dishes like vegetarian bibimbap or japchae.
BAB lets you order from a menu of special house dishes, but I chose the make-you-own, customizable option, with choice of protein, vegetable mix, and rice/quinoa. The tofu was excellent and I went with the backyard veggies (carrots, spinach, tomatoes, corn, pickled cucumbers). FYI - the kimchi is vegan (!!!), which what really sold me on BAB. A tof…

New Signage for Fare Well

The construction of Fare Well, a new restaurant from the owners of Sticky Fingers, has progressed steadily over the last year. Recently, signage was installed atop the storefront at 406 H St NE. Not too much happening inside when I walked by, but the interior looks finished (construction wise), if not yet fully furnished. No word on an exact opening date, but the restaurant put out several calls for job applicants in early March. I'm really excited for this new, all-vegan option for H St, so stay tuned for more updates!