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H Street Festival is Saturday

The best District street festival is happening this Saturday, September 16. 
H Street Festival, which organizers say is now attracting 150,000 people yearly, is back; once again running about 10 blocks long in our little slice of Northeast. Last year was so packed at the end of the day, but comfortable. The weather was A+ and it looks like we'll have a repeat for 2017.
WHEN: 12 PM to 7 PM WHERE: H Street NE, 4th St to 14th St WHAT: Artists creating art, fashion shows featuring local designers, music stages with dope sounds, patio eating, patio drinking, local politicians (probably), street food, vendors of all types, seeing doggos, seeing friends, seeing more puppers, walking in the street with no cars, dogs
See you there!
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Dockless Bikeshare Trial Coming to DC

This fall and winter, we will have a new way to experience bike sharing in the District.

With 440 stations, Capital Bikeshare is the third largest system in the United States, behind New York (600) and Chicago (580). For comparisons' sake, New York's Citi Bike has 10,000 bikes, Chicago's Divvy has 5,800 bikes, and DC's Capital Bikeshare has 3,700. Measuring by number of stations may be a thing of the past, however. WTOP and others are reporting that the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will institute a pilot program this fall featuring dockless (station-less) bike sharing. The program will start September 20 (!) and run through April 2018.
These systems allow riders to find bicycles near their location, unlock the bike, ride it, and with some restrictions, lock and leave the bike in any public space within the service area.
I recently visited Seattle where the city works with multiple providers, including Spin and LimeBike, each dockless bike systems. A us…

Last Days for Former Library, Residential Planned

The little R.L Christian library building --at 1300 H St NE-- hasn't operated as a library since 2009; and now its days of just existing are about to come to an end. A raze notice was recently posted to the site and a new mixed-use (residential & commercial) building will take its place.

The "temporary" library kiosk was one of many set up by the District in the 1970s and 1980s to increase access to the library system  for neighborhoods without a dedicated, permanent library. The kiosks were thought to have an initial life span of about seven years. After shuttering the R.L Christian in '09, the District sold the property in 2014. The site is 10,800 square feet and adjacent to a DC Streetcar stop.
A trio of developers including Insight Property Group will convert the parcel into 55 foot tall, 4 story, 33 unit residential building with 5,900 sq feet of retail. This is the same company that paid $10M for Murray's site + $12M for the adjacent self-storage site,…

Big Changes Conceptualized for Hechinger Mall, Carver Langston

Late last week Bizsow reported on a new concept in for the Hechinger Mall area in the form of a pitch by city the business development program H Street Main Street to the owners of the mall property. Important to consider: this is just a concept -- not a rendering of a planned building or anything binding. However, it is a harbinger for the future of the Starburst intersection, Benning Road NE, and H Street NE. But, wow is it a departure. The reporting is great and much more than I can elaborate on in a blog post, so:

Read the full article here: H Street Group Pitches Major Hechinger Mall Development As Activity Moves Down Corridor (Bizsow)
A few tidbits:
"The team has sketched a vision for the site that could include several buildings up to 11 stories tall with as many as 3,000" multifamily units, ground-floor retail and potential hotel and office components."

"In between the CVS and Hechinger Mall sites, the concept design creates a landscaped, pedestrian-only pla…

Sneaky Odds for Scratch-Off Lottery Tix

Every few weeks or so, one of the big multi-state lotteries makes it into the national news when the grand prize jackpot reaches a certain level. This week the Powerball lottery grand prize is hovering around $500 million; and actually, it's above that now. 
We all know the chances of winning the jackpot is very small. It's unfathomably small: 1 in 292,201,338. If you were alive in the United States in 2004, well, there were 292,000,000 other people living here, so imagine one American being chosen at random. Those are the odds. If you play a pick 3 game like DC3, the odds are a lot better, but still long: 1 in 1000.
However, scratch off tickets are quite different. While random number generator games like pick 3, pick 4 or Powerball offer long odds for the grand prize, the odds are typically the same every time as long as they number set stays the same. Scratch off tickets also have an finite set of top prizes but your chances of winning the top prize can go from infinitesim…