Friday, April 21, 2017

The Halal Guys Coming to H Street

Signage isn't up yet, but New York-based The Halal Guys looks to be building out at 814 H Street NE. The space is still far from finished, but work is ongoing and they appear to be hiring. Almost exactly a year ago The Halal Guys indicated on Twitter that they were expanding into the DC area.
Stores at Dunn Loring, George Mason University, and Springfield all opened since then. The H Street location would join another in Dupont as the first DC franchised locations.

There is a generic menu on their main web page, but I'm assuming each individual franchise restaurant can add whatever makes sense for them. I'll have to try the falafel & fries. Stay tuned!

Monday, April 17, 2017

V Street Concept from Philly Coming to H Street

V Street will reportedly open in the Apollo building at 6th and H NE.
In more great food news for H Street, the owners of Philadelphia's V Street & Vedge plan to open their first DC restaurant this  year. 

The Washington Post and other outlets are reporting that all-vegan "street food bar" V Street will open later this year in the Apollo apartment building at 600 H Street NE. V Street in Philadelphia serves dishes such as harissa glazed tofu, chilled kung pao noodles, and Korean fried tempeh tacos. The drink menu includes beers from around the U.S., wine, and a cocktail list. They could replicate this 1-to-1 in the DC location and I think they'd be successful. 

DC already has an all vegan Philadelphia-based restaurant in Hip City Veg. We certainly welcome another, especially to Northeast. Very, very cool news.  And  H Street is currently home to all-vegan Fare Well; and vegan-friendly restaurants &pizza, Bab Korean, Pow Pow, Sticky Rice, and others. If anyone else wants to join, come on down (cough, cough, Veggie Grill).

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Kiehl's Coming to Union Station

Keihl's will be located between Le Pain and MAC stores on the ground floor of Union Station.
Union Station has turned over about half of its retail offerings over the last 5-6 years, trending towards more notable & trendy national brands. Current on-site brands include Moleskin, MAC, H&M, and food options such and Shake Shack and Le Pain Quiotidien. 

Joining the retail line up is cosmetics brand Kiehl's. I was somewhat familiar with the Kiehl's name, but did not know they were over 150 years old! They have one existing DC store, in Georgetown. The new store will be on the ground floor level of Union Station next to MAC, and below the under-construction Legal Seafood, another new addition set to open in 2017.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holodomor Memorial

The Holodomor sculpture is a memorial to the millions of Ukrainian victims of the man made famine-genocide of 1932-1933. This is one of the many historically and culturally significant smaller memorials that make walking DC such a rewarding experience. You could make a day out of seeing monuments and memorials that exist solely in our fantastic neighborhoods.

Creation of the Holodomor memorial was the result of a collaboration between the National Park Service and the government of Ukraine. Washington, DC resident and architect Larysa Kurylas designed the memorial, including the main sculptural element, titled “Fields of Wheat.”  It specifically memorializes those that died as a result of a deliberate years-long, systematic starvation of millions of Ukrainian citizens by Joseph Stalin.

The Holodomor Memorial is located at 1 Massachusetts Avenue NW, near Union Station. It's a short walk from X2 bus stop at H St and North Capitol.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Choong Man Chicken & Seafood Replaces Khan's

Choong Man Chicken & Seafood abruptly replaced Khan's
In late March, Khan's Bar & Grill abruptly switched concepts and became Choong Man Chicken & Seafood. Choong Man looks to be the first U.S. franchise of this South Korean chain. According to the website, there are over 160 locations and they appear to have a heavy focus on franchising. Here's a look at the the Korean menu. It's unclear if the DC franchise will have a similar menu or will add local tweaks. They're celebrating their Grand Opening this week. Choong Man DC has a nascent web presence and is already active on Twitter and Facebook.