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Turning Natural Among New Additons to H Street

Turning Natural opening this past weekend and was a among a slew of new additions in around the Atlas District.
This is the third location for Turning Natural (1380 H Street NE) and the second in DC. They make fresh juices and smoothies to order, have a selection of sandwiches and soups, and apparently coffee from Zeke's. Here's the menu. Coffee service wasn't up and running when I went in last weekend, but I saw the equipment and Zeke's bags, so A+ for Turning Natural if that is indeed the case. The new juice bar opened on Saturday and for now the hours are Monday - Friday 7 AM - 8 PM and Saturday 10 - 6, but they may offer Sunday hours eventually (probably sooner than later). I love this place so far and was a big fan of the MLK Ave location, so if this is even just  repeat of that, I'm good! Further west, a new combination coffee shop, restaurant, and grocery is open in Trinidad. Yes, I'm totally late to this game, as Old City Market and Oven opened last No…