Delta Towers Will Add New Housing & Retail

Rendering courtesy of KGD Architecture.
Delta Towers --located at the Starburst intersection of Florida Ave, H Street, Bladensburg Rd, and Benning Road, NE-- is gearing up for a major expansion. Fences are already up around the perimeter of the property, presaging a significant transformation and addition of residential units to the H Street corridor. 

There are 179 new units slated for "Fortitude at Delta Towers" as part of a nearly $1 billion bond issue via DCHFA (PDF) All units in Fortitude will be for seniors and all units will be affordable as each will leased at a maximum of 30% AMI. From the DCHFA press release (PDF):

"The redevelopment of Delta Towers is $96 million project. Delta Towers is a 100 percent affordable senior community with all units leased at a maximum of 30 percent AMI. Thirty of the apartments will receive LRSP subsidy and 18 will be designated as permanent supportive housing with housing assistance payments via the DC Housing Authority. Delta Towers will include 4,300 square feet of ground floor retail space and provide seniors access to a vibrant neighborhood."

That's great to see retail added to a building on Bladensburg (even if this building's retail is actually along the Florida Ave side). The retail at Flats at Atlas has never been filled along Bladensburg, and current plans for Atlas II don't include retail, so I was starting to wonder if new builders would take the chance. It makes sense, Bladensburg is a true mixed use corridor. It straddles two dense residential neighborhoods. It deserves a chance at great housing and accompanying retail & services.

Bladensburg Road is also steadily adding a few residential units at a time. In addition to Delta Towers (technically 808 Bladensburg Rd NE), there is 1164 Bladensburg, a 65 unit seniors community under construction just a few blocks up the road (also <50% and <30% AMI). This stretch of Bladensburg Rd between Benning Road and Mount Olivet Rd is so interesting. It's a mix of industrial, housing, institutional, and commercial uses. I think more offices and residential will come, followed by retail. As much activity as Benning Road is seeing Bladensburg is right behind.

The Fortitute at Delta Towers is slated for completion by the end of 2020.

Delta Towers today, from Benning Road NE.
Delta Towers today, from Florida Ave NE.

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