Buredo Opens on H Street, Target Slated for Ivy City

Buredo will open at 625 H Street NE.
Target plans to open a small format store in Ivy City [Bisnow]. If you've ever been to the Target in Columbia Heights (which turns 10 years old next week), you know that it is busy. I mean, very busy. At all open hours. It's also a very large store at 180,000 square feet. The Ivy City store will come in at 67,000 square feet, less than 40% the size of the Columbia Heights store.

The location of the new store will be New York Ave at 16th St NE, just across from Petco. This is adjacent to the first stop on the downtown bound D4 bus. Walking, this is about a 30 minute, 1.5 mile walk from Carver. Plans are for the store to open on 2020, which seems ambitious, but I guess we'll see. 
Google Street View capture of 16th and New York Ave NE; future location of Target.
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Buredo looks as if will finally open, today! By the time you read this (well, if it is after 11 AM on Wednesday) they'll be open and serving burrito sized sushi rolls. I have no idea how or why this is a thing. I have eaten one --the single vegan option on the menu-- and it was good. Exactly like eating a vegetarian sushi roll. But huge. Burrito size sushi. It's here. Right down on H Street NE. 

Get in line early enough today and they'll give you a free one; if you're one of the first 100 in line that is. Buredo is located in the Anthology Building at 625 H Street NE.

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