Casual V Street to Go Upscale

V Street, the vegan street food concept from Philadelphia, is tuning it pitch just a bit. The owners have secured a spot in the Apollo Apartment building at 6th and H NE; the same building as Whole Foods and Wydown Coffee. They are currently building out, but it looks like the concept may be changing even before they open.

The Washington Post is reporting that V Street is switching from a casual street food concept to a more traditional upscale restaurant -- complete with a name change to Fancy Radish. The name is a play on a dish served at Vedge, one of their high end restaurants in Phila.

I was really loving the idea of the causal street food vibe they presented with V Street, but I can appreciate a little diversity in the scene. There are definitely places to get both the counter-service-casual and table-service-sit-down all vegan experience. On the casual side you have places like NuVegan (aka Woodlands), Sticky Fingers, Khepra's, Shouk, Hip City Veg, Fruitive, and Senbeb. And if you want a solid sit down meal, Fare Well, Evolve, Elizabeth's Gone Raw or Todd Gray's Vegan Brunch are all very satisfying. Looking at the offerings, there is probably room for another fancier vegan restaurant in DC. And it's great that they are opening in northeast and walking distance from Carver. Awesome!

Fancy Radish will be located at 600 H Street NE. 

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