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Fare Hike, Major Changes Coming to Metrobus & Rail

Metro/WMATA enters a new phase next week, starting Sunday June 25. Long debated structural changes are coming and we'll have to adjust to the new normal of less service and higher fares. Whether the performance rates improve will be one of the big questions, but Friday morning's Red Line meltdown was *not* a good omen. Here are some of the biggest changes. 

Biggest news for Carver/Benning Rd/H Street NE:
  • Bus fares for regular routes, including the X2 and X8, will now be $2.00 (up from $1.75). 
  • The X2 bus will run additional late night service until 4 AM, daily. Late night service will include ~30 minute headways.
  • Metrorail will close at 11:30 PM on weeknights (M-T).
  • Sunday rail service will end at 11:00 PM. 
  • Friday and Saturday night rail service will close at 1:00 AM.
  • Minimum and maximum rail fares during peak hours will be $2.25 and $6.00, respectively. 
  • Minimum and maximum rail fares during non-peak hours will be $2.00 and $3.85 respectively. 
Further afield:
  • The 90 bus will run additional late night service until 2 AM, daily.
  • Airport buses 5A (Dulles) and B30 (BWI) will now cost $7.50 per trip.
  • A new one day rail and bus pass debuts for $14.75.
Other changes:
  • Kennedy Center is being added the the station stop currently called "Foggy Bottom-GWU." The new name will be "Foggy Bottom-GWU Kennedy Center."
  • Rush Plus is being closed out, meaning all Yellow Line trains will north run to Mt Vernon Sq during rush hours, and Fort Totten all other times.
  • Still no flat fare ride-all-you-want monthly rail pass, but Select Pass has more options and is still great if you commute the same route during rush M-F.
  • To make the last downtown bound Green Line train from Nats Park on a weeknight game, you'd have to board by 11:09 PM. This should be OK for 9 inning contests starting at 7:05 PM; except for rain delayed games.