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Holodomor Memorial

The Holodomor sculpture is a memorial to the millions of Ukrainian victims of the man made famine-genocide of 1932-1933. This is one of the many historically and culturally significant smaller memorials that make walking DC such a rewarding experience. You could make a day out of seeing monuments and memorials that exist solely in our fantastic neighborhoods.

Creation of the Holodomor memorial was the result of a collaboration between the National Park Service and the government of Ukraine. Washington, DC resident and architect Larysa Kurylas designed the memorial, including the main sculptural element, titled “Fields of Wheat.”  It specifically memorializes those that died as a result of a deliberate years-long, systematic starvation of millions of Ukrainian citizens by Joseph Stalin.

The Holodomor Memorial is located at 1 Massachusetts Avenue NW, near Union Station. It's a short walk from X2 bus stop at H St and North Capitol.