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Turning Natural Among New Additons to H Street

Turning Natural opening this past weekend and was a among a slew of new additions in around the Atlas District.

This is the third location for Turning Natural (1380 H Street NE) and the second in DC. They make fresh juices and smoothies to order, have a selection of sandwiches and soups, and apparently coffee from Zeke's. Here's the menu. Coffee service wasn't up and running when I went in last weekend, but I saw the equipment and Zeke's bags, so A+ for Turning Natural if that is indeed the case. The new juice bar opened on Saturday and for now the hours are Monday - Friday 7 AM - 8 PM and Saturday 10 - 6, but they may offer Sunday hours eventually (probably sooner than later). I love this place so far and was a big fan of the MLK Ave location, so if this is even just  repeat of that, I'm good!
Further west, a new combination coffee shop, restaurant, and grocery is open in Trinidad. Yes, I'm totally late to this game, as Old City Market and Oven opened last November, in 2016. However, I hadn't had a chance to visit until just now, really liked the place, and wanted to share.
Old City is doing a lot. There are two floors, most of which are made up of a grocery items ranging from a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, to cleaners and toiletries, to gourmet snacks, cold drinks to go, and adult beverages. They also serve pizza and other made to order foods out of a dedicated kitchen (menu). There is a vegan pizza right on the menu, so they get major points from me. A coffee service counter greets you as you enter the space and they offer free wifi, which seems to be a fleeting amenity these days. Downstairs are more grocery items and a neat record collection with accompanying record player if you want to chill and listen to music for a while.

This is truly wanting to be a hang out spot and the staff is very accommodating and sweet. I hope they get all the business they deserve and I'll report back after I try the vegan pizza! Old City Market and Oven is open seven days a week and is located at 522 K Street NE.
Sospeso is a new and, might I say, very lovely looking restaurant space that opened Friday at 1344 H Street NE. The flavors are Mediterranean and the vibe & decor are apropos. Sospeso is open for lunch until 3 PM and even has early breakfast & coffee hour starting from 7 AM. Nice. The dinner service is slated to begin tonight. Here's the menu. Good luck to this place.
And last but certainly not least, Citi Pizza has opened (or actually reopened) at 504 H St NE. Classic pizza and whatnot. Several people have mentioned to me that they like this place. A lot. So there you go. Give it a try.