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28 Units and Zero Parking Coming to 1401 Florida NE

We won't have this view for long. Wondering if the tree will survive.
The triangular shaped parcel at 1401 Florida Ave NE has been an active construction zone for several months now. Work has finally reached ground level and is set to rise 70+ feet above H Street and Florida Ave NE very soon.

The new building will be six stories tall and mixed-use. There will be 28 residential units above one level of retail, likely including at least one restaurant. The building will contain a mix of one and two bedroom units. The big zoning issue for this structure was the fact that there will be zero parking spaces on site despite the number of planned residential units and presence of retail.

The architecture is very indicative of the new multi-family buildings on or near H Street; prefab facades using earth tones and black, including glass, without many architectural nods to older surrounding buildings.

The mostly cleared site from April 2016.
Rendering of H Street facade. From PGN Architects.