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Photos & Video: H Street Festival 2016

I had only been to the H Street Festival twice before, and the last visit was 2009. As a new resident to Carver, I was excited to return not as a visitor, but as someone who is that much closer to connecting with neighborhood traditions in a meaningful way. I spent almost all day there, from about 12:30 PM to some time after 7 PM. 

Some personal highlights were: Meeting friends in the crowd -- planned & unplanned, eating both lunch and dinner at the festival, enjoying drinks on two different patios (Imm on H and Ben's Chili Bowl), hearing live music from blog friends Atoms Apart and DC legends Rare Essence, walking something like 5 miles over the course of being at the festival, seeing everyone's awesome clothes (I was in regular t-shirt and shorts), and generally reveling in what now seems like DC's best neighborhood street festival. 
The festival seemed to go well after the 7PM endtime!
Atoms Apart. Good Stuff!

Ten01 restaurant is now Ben's Upstairs! Great rooftop views here.
New iteration of "party bus."
Chess at a party? Yeah!
Car2Go gave out free minutes and showed off their new-styled Smart cars.
Even as early as 12:30 PM, there were thousands of people at the festival.
Patios everywhere! This is the best part of the fest: expanded seating.
Attempting to show the sheer size of the crowd. The festival stretched 10 blocks along H St NE.
One artists' set-up: before.
And after.