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Early Look: Emissary Coffee Shop

The main focus at Emissary will be coffee.

A new cafe is coming to Dupont and promises to bring both cocktails and coffee to the busy corner of 21st and P NW. I had a chance to talk to the GM and get an early look at the still developing interior spaces last week.
Aside: Emissary will open in the building I first knew as Cafe Japone, a favorite karaoke spot for a few hot years, although I'm not sure I ever ate food there. Anyway, I have fond memories related to this particular building.

Emissary will occupy the downstairs, ground floor level at at 2032 P Street NW. The idea is that the establishment will be coffee-first. It's the first thing you'll see when walking through the front door and the providers at open will be Counter Culture (great choice). The look inside is cool and clean with a lot of exposed brick, counters that appear to be marble --although I'm not good identifying stone-- and simple cool colors for for tables and chairs. They'll serve pour over and batch brewed along with most of the espresso drinks you'd expect from a good coffee shop.

Walking past the first room, the shop goes deeper and opens up into two additional rooms. The "middle" room looks to me like it could be a flex space of sorts and has cool bar seating that looks into the kitchen area. They have a small kitchen, so some sort of food service is not out of the question. This room is warm with high-top, wood seats at the bar, and the bar itself is pretty classy looking with more marble at the counter top. 

The innermost room has a wooden bar in a compartmentalized bar area that opens to another seating area which includes a long, high-backed wooden bench. This room seems to have more of the relaxed bar vibe where you'll eventually be able to get a cocktail --they're developing a dedicated cocktail program-- or maybe chill with a glass of wine or other drink. The furniture and seating weren't quite complete when I stopped by, but I could see either a series of two top tables for more intimate feel, or a couch for a more communal chill vibe. Not sure what the owners will do, but the bar area has potential to be a great hangout space.

Emissary hopes to open next week(!) so stay tuned
Another aside: I'm not sure I want to bring this back, per se, but over on The 42, I ran a series called Coffee/Riot, documenting the coffee shops I visited in DC over the years. There are so many great shops now, I can hardly keep up. But, maybe I'll bring it back under another name. In the meantime, read about the shops covered over the years via The 42 Bus blog.]
More photos:
Main entrance.
Coffee is the star at this establishment.
Cool light fixtures and exposed brick.
Seating looking out onto P St NW.
Bar area in what I'm calling "the middle room."
Bar area in the innermost room. Looks small, but camera angle is kind of weird.
Long wooden bench and more cool lighting in the innermost room.
Emissary is located at the corner of 21st and P Streets NW.