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BAB Korean is Vegan Friendly

BAB is closed on Sunday, like the Streetcar. Hopefully, they both flip that policy sooner than later.
On a recent trip to BAB Korean Fusion, I was pleasantly surprised that the staff and menu were quite vegan friendly. At many a DC restaurant, I make educated guesses about menu items, especially when the staff is not helpful or the menu doesn't specifically mark vegetarian items. A lot of the times that means I don't order anything for settle for basic, obviously vegetarian items. But, BAB staff was awesomely knowledgeable and fortunately they have plenty of options.

I'm not a Korean food master by any stretch, but a dozen years of eating at Adam Express in Mount Pleasant made me love dishes like vegetarian bibimbap or japchae.

BAB lets you order from a menu of special house dishes, but I chose the make-you-own, customizable option, with choice of protein, vegetable mix, and rice/quinoa. The tofu was excellent and I went with the backyard veggies (carrots, spinach, tomatoes, corn, pickled cucumbers). FYI - the kimchi is vegan (!!!), which what really sold me on BAB. A tofu bowl + one drink will run you about $10. You order at the counter and then pick-up, so no table service per se, although the staff is very attentive.

BAB is disappointingly closed on Sundays, but open until 9:00 PM on weekdays and midnight on Friday and Saturday. It's located at 1387 H St NE, accessible by the DC Streetcar, and all of the X buses.